Rainy Day Project

We had a fantastic May 2-4 long weekend. We had sunny skies and temps in the 20′s. Meals on the porch, some reading in the sun and lots of gardening with freeze squeezed lemonade and homemade Iced Tea to refresh. It was the perfect kick off to summer.

Today, however, we had grey skies and rain. I look forward to days like these and today, I pulled out my sewing machine to make a book sling for my daughter’s room. I purchased the fabric from Tonic Living. It is called Paris and it is super cute. I picked up the double drapery brackets from Home Depot along with a couple of dowels.

This is a very simple sewing project. If you can sew a straight line then you can do this. Here is how it turned out.

At my house, there is no such thing as a simple project. From there, I decided to dig out a wall mount bedside table that I purchased for a client project that did not work out. A can of Krylon spray paint in Watermelon and Voila! a new bedside table for DD.

After taking the picture, I noticed the lamp cord and came up with a solution to hide it and to prevent tripping by little feet. I also want to pick up a little glass knob for the drawer and dress up her lamp shade with a little ribbon.

From there, I pulled out some quilts that belonged to my grandmother and placed them on the bed. I have enough fabric left over from the book sling for a euro pillow that I will whip up tomorrow.

I hung the little cafe curtains as they match her bed skirt and privacy is not an issue for her window. The bed and dresser in her room was given to us by a neighbor and just cost me a gallon of paint and some elbow grease.

We are expecting rain and a possible thunderstorm tomorrow. I think I will pretty up her lamp shade and spray the table that holds her doll house. I would also like to repaint her entire room in a creamy white. Perhaps, that is a project for summer’s end or another rainy day.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?


Going Batty

On Monday morning as I was heading out the door for my weekly pottery class, I spied something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw a bat hanging from the ceiling. Now this is not the first time that a bat thought it would be a good idea to take up residence in our home. Actually this is the fourth time in five years that a bat has entered our home.

Now, you would think that we would be pros at this sort of thing- living in the country and all. There is no shortage of animals and vermin about. Well, I scooped up the dog and…stop reading here if you are faint of heart as what came next out of my mouth was OMFG!!!! DH came running and all I can get out is “ceiling, ceiling.” He responds with, “Just tell me what is wrong.” Well, as I high tail it towards the staircase with my dog in my arms (Kids can fend for themselves) I say “bat by back door.”

Safely behind closed doors in my room, I hear my son giving his dad a lesson on bats from his National Geographic book. Then nothing but belly laughs erupting from my son and daughter. I found out later that it was at this time that the bat decided to fly around our family room and DH was chasing it back and forth. I think I would have laughed too if I was able to stay in the same room as a bat flying around.

Well, it didn’t take too long for DH to catch the little guy and off the trio went outside. They placed her (DD decided it was a girl) on the ground. She was squeaking. Poor thing was awoken from her slumber by laughing hyenas and a man chasing after her. Thanks to DS, daddy knew that she couldn’t fly from the ground so he bravely picked her up and from there she swooped down and flew to the nearest tree. She was there for a couple of hours before she ventured away.

I was late for Pottery class that morning but, it was so worth it. Even if I heard all about it after the fact. The kids were over the moon.

Once she was safe and sound, we took a picture of her.


I haven’t been blogging much lately. I haven’t had a lot to share. My business is busy and I have some wonderful projects that are beyond the design phase and the demolition and renovating is slated to start in the next couple of weeks. On the home front, we are still listed. We are ready to move once the house the sells. Ideally, we would like to be on our way the end of June but, alas, that isn’t something we really have control over.

With the house being on the market, I haven’t been doing any projects around the house so not a lot to blog about. But, I am still here. My son read a book to us tonight at bedtime. My heart was about to burst with pride. This home school adventure has been fabulous for us as a family.


A moment….

We are day 2 into Spring and we have been truly blessed with unseasonal temperatures. Today it is 29 degrees Celsius. It was time to haul out the sundresses.

Sitting in the sun reading

Even Benjamin Bunny got outside on the screened in porch to soak up a few rays.

Windows are open, the slip covers has been laundered and hung on the line. I have spent the day watching my kids run barefoot through the yard. This is bliss.

How is spring in your neck of the woods?


Oh Happy Spring

Spring has arrived and I find myself finally waking up from the past couple of months. In past years, I have struggled with the stretch between January to March and this year was no different despite our mild winter.

Today, our temperatures reached double digits and we spend the entire afternoon outside. The kids were out and about searching for signs of life with their magnifying glass. An overturned rock or two found ants, spiders and even some worms. It was like finding gold for my 5 yr old little boy. Seeing him running about the yard put a smile on my face.

Our house is back on the market and we are packing up things that we will not need until the move. I spent the afternoon dragging boxes to the basement. Fingers crossed that our home sells soon so we can get moved and settled over the summer.

How fitting that while I type this post that my little ones are snuggled on the couch watching Tinkerbell which is all about saving spring.

Around these parts, we have been doing spring like crafts for the past couple of weeks. I have been busy with work- just finished up a master bedroom and guest bedroom project this past Friday and have a bathroom and laundry room reno underway with a family room redecorating project after that.

Besides being busy with work, I’ve spent what spare moment I have reading or knitting. Now that warmer temps and sunny days are among us, I look forward to being outside.

How about you? Do you look forward to the longer and sunnier days ahead?


Happy Valentine’s Day



Days of solitude

Oh dear, it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry folks, we have been following our daily rhythm of school in the mornings at the dining room table, craft time in the afternoons with lots of music and reading and eating lots of comfort food. We have had some chilly weather and that means, lots of time spent at home. The grandparents visited from Alberta for 10 days and that was a lovely visit. Lots of time spent coloring, doing puzzles and playing games with the G-parents. Therefore, I haven’t been up to too much. I did finish my first knitting project. If you recall knitting was one of my 2012 goals. I completed a sweater for DD.

I found the pattern on Littleturtleknits.com. It is a great project for beginners like me. The sweater is knit as one big piece with only two seams under the arms.

I also made this for the kids with the help from Grandpa. I made the playmat and he made the animals.

Just this past week, I finished knitting an Eternity Scarf.

I located the pattern for this scarf from Lifeonlaffer.blogspot.com. I used an alpaca wool and it is super soft and cosy.

The kids has also been keeping themselves busy being creative as well.

Last week I did complete a master bedroom and guest bedroom makeover for a repeat client. This project took four months from start to finish. I will be posting pictures soon. Next up is a basement bathroom renovation that I will be working on for another client.


You don’t miss

what you don’t have. We have been without cable TV for one week. The kids have not asked once to watch their TV shows. We do have a wii and we limit our son’s screen time to 30 minutes a day. I am shocked at how well this is working out and asking why we didn’t take the plunge sooner. Remember, this issue has been ongoing since the spring of 2011 and if I recall correctly, it was discussed earlier than that.

I am enjoying the peacefulness of our home without the noise of the TV. I am loving seeing my kids play more often and using their imaginations. Our DD was never much for the TV so I wasn’t worried about her but, for DS, the TV was a vortex that sucked him in. As for DH and I, well, we never watched TV anyways. After all day, the last thing I wanted to do at night was sit in front of the tube. I never caught on with all the reality tv shows which is nothing but over the top drama anyways. If I want entertainment, I would rather choose a movie or read a book.

Here are some shots taken from the past week of how much more peaceful our home has been.

Playing the Piano. Brother teaching Sister.

Playing Dress up.

Building a tin can battery operated robot with daddy.

Arts and Crafts

Just taking it easy which is so much easier to do without those hyper TV shows

playing with the play mat I made this past weekend.

sewing sock monsters and sock bunnies

Lots of time spent doing puzzles and playing board games.

I would have to say the ‘no cable TV’ goal for 2012 has been a success.


I am nearly finished the knitting the sweater too. Soon to be another ‘check’ on that 2012 wish list.


One more day….

As of tomorrow, we will no longer be cable TV subscribers. The kids are counting down and I am allowing them to watch TV a little more than usual this afternoon. It will be an adjustment but, I predict by week’s end, they will no longer be asking to watch TV. We were doing wonderfully before Christmas vacation and we let them slip back into their old routines. As parents, we are totally to blame.

This past weekend was busy. Not what I intended at all. Of course, there was the usual weekly grocery shopping trip and tackling the mound of laundry, we did watch a movie together on Saturday evening and go for a walk as a family on Sunday. While the kids were at their skating lessons, Mama got to sit at her sewing machine for a couple of hours and sew up a couple of laundry bags for the kids’ rooms.

His and Her Laundry bags

For now, they are standing up but the intention is to hang them from a hook. I just don’t have any hooks right now. The kids are good for putting their things away so I haven’t had to tell them about putting their dirty clothes in their hampers. So far so good.

I am more than half way finished knitting my daughter a sweater. I must say I do find the knitting itself to be relaxing. I just wish I had more time to sit and do it.

As for the spending freeze, 6 days into the New Year and I received a grade of a big fat F. While out sourcing for a client, I picked up a sheepskin rug for the family room and a pillow for the sofa. Hubby was not too happy with me as we are a team on this and I know I would be upset if he did the same. Now, I know what my weakness is, I will just have to be stronger and turn a blind eye to any fabulous finds that may show up during my travels. My husband being the sweet man that he is reminded me that I do have a Michael’s gift card that we received over Christmas that I can use to help supplement my need to craft. I think that will go a long way on top of all the crafting things I already do have laying around.

That’s what’s going on around here. My next project will be to sew a pair of cafe style curtains for the dining room and make some throw cushions for the sofa.



Though it was a short week, I am happy that the weekend is just around the corner. Looking forward to chillaxin’ with my peeps.

This week I decided to make over my lamp shades. They were lamp shades that I purchased from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and I grew tired of them.

One day while poking around Pinterest, I came across this picture:

I had the fabric and the adhesive. A quick jaunt to Fabricville for some ribbon and some double sided tape and I was set.

Here is a before of the shade:

And here is the shade now after a little sprucing up. Much better don’t you think?

The entire project cost me less than $15 as I used up some fabric scraps that I had laying around.

Do you have any DIY projects planned for the near future?